Средата на бедрото тялото Оформител, без ципове – контур MD стил 27NZ


Contour’s Style 27NZ Mid Thigh Body Shaper, Without Zippers is a perfect compression garment for liposuction or plastic surgery of the breast, upper and lower torso, flanks, back, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thigh.

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Стил 27NZ – средата на бедрото тялото Оформител, без ципове от контур

След операция и по време на втория етап на възстановяване стил 27NZ средата бедрото тяло Оформител от контур е идеална компресия облекло за оптимални резултати.

After liposuction or plastic surgery, Contour’s Style 27NZ Mid Thigh Body Shaper can help plastic surgery patients recover in comfort with comfortable compression throughout the hips, thighs, breast, breast, abdominal, and upper and lower torso. The body shaper compression garment has no zippers making it an ideal second stage compression garment. The snug fitting 55 percent Lycra spandex material is breathable and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Стил 27NZ – компресиране, когато ви трябва

  • Ideal compression garment for multiple procedures
  • Garment for second stage of recovery
  • Lycra spandex antimicrobial fabric
  • Comfortable for everyday wear

For best results after surgery, we recommend continual wearing your compression garment. It is therefore suggest purchasing two garments so while one is being worn, the other can be washed.

Предложено използване:

Liposuction of the thighs, hips, flanks, abdomen, torso and buttocks, plastic surgery of the upper and lower torso, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reconstruction, breast reduction.

For long usage and the help your garment keep its snug it, use Variance fabric wash designed especially for under garments.

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