Breast Augmentation Bandeau by Contour


The Contour Augmentation Bandeau is for post-operative use following sub-muscular breast augmentation. Aids in establishing and maintaining the inferior pocket and prevents implant migration.

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Augmentation Bandeau by Contour

The cotton lined 3-inch elastic band and Velcro closure allows for extra comfort and easy donning.

The Augmentation Bandeau by Contour is for post-operative use following breast implants. The Contour augmentation bandeau aids in positioning and stabilizing of breast implants. The 3-inch wide elastic bandeau with cotton lining provides excellent compression and is fully adjustable with Velcro closure.

ContourMD Defines Comfort

  • Adjustable Velcro closure for easy application
  • Cotton lined elastic band for excellent compression
  • One size fits all

Suggested Usage

Breast augmentation, augmentation mammaplasty, submuscular augmentation

Purchasing a second garment is recommended to wear between washes. Using Variance may help in extending the life of your compression garment.

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